VVV Ville V. Vanninen

Minimalism, accessibility, ethical tech.
User comfort engineer & designer whose medium is code.


Vuo AI

Head of Product

Responsible for ensuring our offerings bring about happiness and are a net positive to the world.

Boija Works

Founding member

Part of a crew running a successful private coworking space and creative community in the centrum of Oulu since 2018.


Photography, UX design, crafts & problem solving

Always looking for a way to make a difference for the better, in small and big ways.


OP Kevytyrittäjä

Co-creator, Customer Experience Lead

Aside from building the product, participating as a mentor in accessibility, web developer education and design system initiatives.

OP Lab

UX Designer & Front End Developer

Designing and prototyping products. Mentoring design tools and web front end technologies.


Head of UX

We made this tough little sensor device that was going democratize the internet of things.


Entrepreneur & UX Magician

For seven years we made web software from ERPs to small websites.


I'm always trying to bridge understading inside and between different professions. I love making tools to guide a newcomers into a subject, but in a way that will still be useful for deepening the understanding of even seasoned professionals.

Foolproof HTML

Frustrated with text editors, I set out on a quixotic quest to build my own HTML editor.

HTML & CSS Vocabulary (temporarily offline)

Vocabularies translated to bunch of languages. Click to see what each part of code is called.


A typography tool that teaches modular scale and vertical rhythm. Gives you ready to use css in real time. Co-created with Tuomas Jomppanen.

Savings & investment calculator

When I was a kid, I promised my mom I would become a tech millionaire. I made a tool to predict my chances.

Grab bag

I graduated as Bachelor of Media and Arts from Oulun University of Applied Sciences in 2014.

Way back I used to be a 3d artist and we made a movie at Aitta 16 in Oulu. I also worked on Barbie Horse Adventures for Nintendo DS.

I've been doing web design daily since I was a child.


Find me as @sakamies on social medias (Twitter, Github, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)